Is it your hell week?

Books are found everywhere. Hand-outs fly away. I can’t sleep. my mind is overloaded with infos. Don’t know what to do. Don’t know how to manage my time. i can’t eat because I need to review my lessons very well to get A+ on my grade. What to do?

The moment I entered our university library, artificial cold air touched my skin (air conditioned room), welcomed with noise. How can I review in this place? They made it like a market. People are buzzing; chatting with one another, sleeping.

I went out the library to find out a place. A silent place. And here am I, I found myself inside the “Peace corner” zone of the Guidance office. It’s so silent. I felt that the silence would kill me.

I can’t understand myself. Why am I like this? Why is it so hard to review?

Oh come on, my whole body, please bear with me.